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Upgrade to the Most Recent Version Today!

The software industry today is facing increasing costs associated with supporting multiple versions of products on various platforms. In an effort to contain these costs, companies discontinue support for older versions. Older versions lose integration to other products as those products evolve and are released. As a result, older versions of your software degrade in functionality and performance. Upgrades are now provided as a function of your maintenance agreement. If you would like an upgrade evaluation please contact us.  

  • Time Matters Version 21 is out! Call us for assistance on the new upgrade protocol.
  • PCLaw Version 16 has been released, if you are on 15 or higher, get the 16. 
  • Billing Matters Plus (accounting) support ended December 31st, 2013. We'd love to match your firm with the perfect accounting solution.


For the budget-conscious firm, we now offer a flat fee for installation and upgrading your Time Matters, $2,250 for the Server, and up to 10 Workstations.

We will also be glad to assist your firm in assessing training opportunities associated with new features and tailor an up-fit experience to meet your firm's needs.

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