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PCLaw: Strong Back Office, Deep Reporting, Reliable

PCLaw is a software product with over 30 years of back-office development.  A wide range of filters, formats, and reporting capacities as well as a 'send to excel' button make PCLaw an excellent billing and accounting product.   PCLaw accommodates Cash, Modified Cash, and Accrual accounting systems.  Trust ledgers and client ledgers compared to Bank Account registers allow3-way reconciliation.

The front office features in PCLaw will sync with Outlook, improving your firm's use of client data in calendaring and contact management.  

Unique to PCLaw, a Safe Custody Manager application allows for tracking the ownership, location, and delivery dates of items held in safekeeping, such as wills, evidence, and other sensitive client materials.

Ready to Install?

Our approach is simple:

  • Onsite Support when needed for product launch and major implementation initiatives.
  • Online Support with or without an appointment.

Our services include:

  • Software Installation and Upgrade
  • End of Month Billing Training
  • Balancing the General Journal and other Accounting Records
  • Office Policy and Procedure Review and Assistance
  • Systems Integration to Outlook and Document Management
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