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Time Matters: Intuitive, Streamlined, Integrated

Time Matters is a commercial off-the-shelf solution offered to law firms and legal agencies worldwide. It has an intuitive row and column approach, allowing you to filter, sort, and search for any combination of the information collected. The data entry screens flow from right to left in a logical sequence. Each case form includes over 150 data elements that may be customized to collect the information you need for each type of case.

Contact & Client Management

Time Matters allows you to centrally manage and control access to all of the information about your clients and other parties involved in each matter. Each field is customizable to your firm and can be made 'to be required' (users may not leave this box empty) according to your individual firm's needs.

Matter & Project Management
Organize, associate, and track all contacts, documents, events, phone calls, and other information associated with a matter.

Docketing, Calendaring & Scheduling
Easy to use color-coded calendar and task management, comprehensive alert and reminder system. Automatic synchronization with Outlook Exchange Calendars.

Document Management

Save time and reduce duplication of effort when producing client and court papers with document automation features. Link Adobe, Outlook Emails, Word docs, and Audio/Visual files to each matter. Documents are stored on your server and are not hidden in the database.

Basic Time Capture & Billing

Document billable hours and client expenses using included time sheets, billing item forms, or timers. Apply hourly or flat-fee rates per client or matter. Generate and print bills for mailing. Alternately, link Time Matters with PCLaw, Timeslips, or Quickbooks.
Comprehensive Integrations
Integrate with legal-specific accounting and financial management software Quickbooks®, PCLaw® and Juris®, and other third-party legal billing systems, plus standard office software and hardware.

User Friendly
Your staff will find the program easy to learn and essential to your organizational success. Time Matters has a customizable toolbar that allows users to navigate to any page from any page. The toolbar also has a universal program search making a conflict of interest search easy.

Technical Details
Time Matters operates on a SQL database and uses industry-standard (dot) .Net infrastructure. Time Matters works with Microsoft operating systems (32 or 64 bit) and Microsoft Office applications.

What people have to say about Time Matters:


David Michael is a true professional in his craft. He has so much knowledge about software and particularly Time Matters that we never worry about a glitch because we know we can contact his office and it will be resolved. We are staying with Time Matters case management software primarily because David Michael , and Michael Matters, Inc are there to help us. Otherwise, if he was not there we would likely switch to another system. He is a great ambassador for this Software and his company.

Eric Greenwood
Always excellent advice and support. Goes out of his way to take care of customers' needs. Couldn't recommend more highly!

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