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Legal Agencies often require systems to manage the list of open cases and to track the history of complaints or actions filed. This model fits for limited jurisdiction courts, regulatory boards and commissions, citizen oversight commissions, police complaint boards, licensing officials and administrative agencies at both the state and local level. 
Michael Matters, Inc has extensive experience in the customization of commercial off-the-shelf solutions for boards and agencies. Some of the agencies we serve include:
Citizen Oversight Commission
Department of Insurance
Department of Labor
Department of Social Services
Judicial Conduct Board
Labor Licensing and Regulation
Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Police Complaint Board
State Ethics Commission

Michael Matters, Inc also supports users of ACTS, the Louisiana State Bar Attorney Case Tracking System. This system is in place in several states. In order to make the best use of this investment, we will assist you in updating the many tables to meet the particulars of your jurisdiction. Mail merges may also be added to use your letterhead and your document styles and content.

Paul Deyhle

Michael Matters, Inc. did a fantastic job installing Time Matters in just 5 days!! This is definitely NOT a cookie cutter installation process. Michael Matters, Inc. tailors this software to your organization's specific needs and objectives so you can hit the ground running shortly after installation. Invaluable!!

Nancy Schreihans

Michael Matters, Inc. installed our Time Matters case management system, customized it to our needs and trained staff in less than a week. David Michael converted all of our data from an obsolete, unstable system with incredible accuracy which was nothing less than a miracle.

I had previously worked with Time Matters at a private law firm for ten years. After working with David Michael, I quickly realized that I had only been utilizing about 50% of Time Matters' capabilities. I cannot thank Michael Matters, Inc. enough for providing a quality product and also for giving us the ability to utilize it to its full potential. This is attributed to a comprehensive understanding of our industry and Time Matters.

Nancy Schreihans, Management Analyst II Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline

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