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Professional Responsibility Software – Why it is essential for today's lawyers.

The Practice of Law today requires more than the knowledge of the law and the tools for researching it. Attorneys also need tools to assist in communicating with their clients. A calendaring system for tracking deadlines. A mechanism for searching a client database to avoid conflicts of interest. A system that demonstrates the work performed that corresponds to the billing items charged. Besides these daunting responsibilities, a lawyer might also have to keep track of evidence, manage client funds, and keep wills for safekeeping and many other items on behalf of clients.

Michael Matters, Inc promotes the use of software to assist your firm in fulfilling these ethical obligations. Software will not complete the requirements. You need to implement policy and procedure to see that calls are returned, a conflict check is performed, and routine internal conferences are conducted to review the status of each case. Professional responsibility software is the tool that provides both the mechanism for performing these services and the documentation that provides a defense against complaints and fee disputes.
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