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Lexis Nexis Billing Matters® 

Billing Matters is an advanced billing system available within Time Matters. 

Why it's great:

Billing Matters works like Time Matters.  All notes, emails, phone calls, documents and events may be "sent to billing" to create time or expense slips. These time and expense slips are placed on invoices and offset by payments or available trust funds.  Billing Matters offers additional customization and detailed billing options.  Billing preferences may be assigned to clients based on area of law, or customized for particular clients. Bill Profiles let you manipulate how bills appears without diving into a Designer.  Billing Matters comes with BillFlow Manager, a tool that allows you to create invoices for cases based off of responsible attorney, case type, or case status. 
Billing Matters allows you to track payments, deposits, credits, and write-offs. This allows clients to see not just work performed on their behalf, but also the payments made and credits applied. A client ledger report is a 'right click' away from the matter list.
Billing Matters is also a trust fund program. You can show the balance and the transactions on bills and even automatically notify clients if their trust fund balance dips below a certain amount. 
As Billing Matters works just like an extension of Time Matters, the learning curve is minimal between the two programs. You will find new options under the billing tab and billing related columns on the matter list.

Who should use it:

Billing Matters is a great option for firms that handle multiple case types and want to setup a billing program that takes the hassle out of arranging billing options. Billing Matters is the preferred solution for Government Agencies that need details for grants and budgets.

How we can help:

Michael Matters, Inc. supports all versions of Billing Matters.  We setup your Billing Matters preferences, options, and settings based on your needs and desires. We help you establish workflow to get the most out of Billing Matters. Call us today for more information, 910-612-6774.

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