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Software Installation

If your operating environment meets the minimum requirements, software installation on workstations and the server should be uneventful. Check the minimum requirements document for the software selected before making a purchase. Software should be installed with full admin rights to the workstation. On Windows 10 workstations, right click the setup file and "Run as Administrator”.  

Products that have integration to Microsoft Office should also be right clicked and "Run as Administrator" in order to write registry entries into the appropriate software integrations.

Practice Area Customization

Database and end user experience customization is a significant benefit of Time Matters. Customization includes data elements on all the record types, columns, rows, saved searches and quicktabs on all lists. Labels, envelopes, forms, mail merges, clipboards, triggers, chains, auto-entry forms, Hotdocs answer files, imports, exports, synchronizations are also available. Each record form may be customized, and each user interaction with that record type may be customized. These end user features require no advanced API. Each Time Matters database also can create 5 additional user defined record types. These records may be ‘Alpha’ records or ‘Date’ records; you may choose the name of each and the icon for that record. Each data element has a screen label, a screen tip tool and a field name. You choose what kind of field it is. Text fields may be customized to reference a look up table.

Data Conversion

Let us simplify your practice by converting and consolidating your data. Michael Matters, Inc. can convert data from almost any system to another. Popular conversions include from anywhere to Time Matters and from Amicus to Abacus. Abacus, Amicus Attorney and Time Matters have import routines for records such as Cases, Contacts, Events, Tasks and Notes. Almost all programs include an export feature. We will consult with you to determine what information you want to export. To make the process easier, we can even link large groups of documents to specific cases. Conversions from standard systems may be available for a flat fee of $1,500 for the first 10,000 records. Most offices do not convert billing information. It is best practice to "bill out" the old system and update the new system with a "BBF" - balance brought forward.

Problem Resolution

Michael Matters, Inc. is open from 7:00 AM – 10 PM EST 7 Days a week. We answer the phone or return all calls before the end of the next business day. Emergencies are responded to immediately and calls are forwarded to our extensive network of subcontractors when we are unavailable.

Michael Matters, Inc. also responds to questions via email, often answers via email are pro-bono. When needed, remote sessions utilizing LOGMEINRESCUE allow us to access your workstation and provide direct assistance. We retain no ‘back door’ access to your data or your systems. We only access your database when requested to do so. At Michael Matters, we hold your privacy and the confidentiality of your clients in the highest respect.

End-User support, quality control, software deployment and knowledge-based remote access, telephonic and email support are offered by Michael Matters, Inc. These support levels are in the initial offering for the first year and may be renewed in subsequent fiscal periods.

Systems Integration

Compatibility with third party applications is extensive. However, compatibility means different things for different applications. Microsoft Office and Adobe are standard integrations. Groupwise has a limited integration. Sharepoint presents no special problems but produces no document or email record level metadata. Laserfiche may be linked to a matter as a document record or a Laserfiche record number may be associated with a document or matter record. Legal research performed on line may be linked back to individual matters. Interfaces with external agencies may be developed, and external-facing portals may be created if needed.

How to get started

We are ready to help you at your convenience. We require a signed service contract to begin business.

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