Customization, just for you.

Michael Matters, Inc. is committed to delivering personalized solutions for your legal practice or agency.

We offer customization of our products to create a perfect fit for your specific needs. We adjust and alter our software to better accommodate the collection and presentation of your data.

We identify and implement the tools and features needed most by the individual members of your firm. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Alter your Bill Layouts to accommodate different clients and cases.
  • Customize the Matter and Event screens to gather specific kinds of information about each matter and each calendared event.
  • Create custom Tasks that are tailored for different workers like your receptionist or paralegal.
  • Modify power views to allow your staff to find, view, and utilize the information they need, without having to search and open individual matters or contacts.
  • Integrate your case management software with Microsoft Outlook.

We'll Help You Get Organized

At Michael Matters, Inc., we recognize that a successful law practice requires more than the right products and reliable support. Your practice needs powerful, efficient policy to meet the demands of your dynamic field.

We'll help you to articulate effective policies for intake processing, opening new cases, running conflict searches, scheduling, telephone protocols, billing, check requests, internal accounting controls, fee allocation, and many other key procedures.

Effective policies not only reduce stress, but also help to establish the professional culture of your firm. By delivering policies that facilitate continuity and predictability, Michael Matters, Inc., saves you time, stress, and money. Let us provide the policies to accelerate your organizational development and your profits.

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