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Freedom of Information is a challenge for both the requestor and the agencies they solicit.
There is a better way.

Using the tools that Lawyers use every day to manage their documents, your agency could automatically collect, OCR and index all the public records, and make them searchable. The tool we recommend for this service is MetaJure.

The MetaJure Automated Document Management System
• Let the software organize your documents, emails, notes, invoices, orders, and any other content digitally stored. 
• Automatically finds documents, searching all the designated public folders in the agency.
• Retrieves as quickly and easily as Google, users can filter by type of record, date, and/or by keyword and keyword combinations.
• Respects Domain Administration Rights so internal users inherit security restraints.

MetaJure assists your team in locating documents in any folder they have domain rights for.
MetaJure crawls through and indexes everything in those folders so even legacy content, not previously OCR'd will be searchable.
This affordable and accessible solution is easily implemented.
Call us today to discuss this opportunity to increase customer service and decrease staff time allocated to the FOIA process.

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