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Citizen Oversight / Police Complaint Processing

Citizen oversight and police complaint processing typically mirrors the complaint processing model used for judges. The internal structure is often a small admin team to intake, screen, categorize and present initial recommendations to a Board. The Board, upon review of an agenda; accepts recommendations, requests additional information, or refers the complaint to another agency such as the State Bureau of Investigation.  Our complaint management software solution processes incoming complaints, manages the agenda for board review, schedules hearings, issues notices, and tracks the responses from all parties. To aid your organization, we can provide organizational structure and workflow consulting in the formation of new Oversight Commissions.

Michael Matters supports a customized solution using the popular and flexible Time Matters case management system. Time Matters has an intuitive row and column approach, allowing you to filter, sort, and search on any combination of information collected. The data entry screens flow from left to right in logical sequence. Your staff will find the program easy to learn and essential to your organizational success.  In the event a Cloud Based solution is preferred, we recommend Centerbase.


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